Passionate about Information Security


The world-renowned “Corelan Live – Win32 Exploit Development Bootcamp” has been delivered at numerous Infosec Conferences around the world. We have also trained security professionals from the infosec industry and private companies, government / military organizations, etc during private sessions.

To ensure quality, we only do a limited number of trainings per year.


Do you wonder how easy it would be for a criminal to get into your network?

Would you like someone (else) to audit your new or existing systems? 

Never done a pentest before, or want to rotate assessments between various pentest companies ?


We are trained professionals with many years of hand-on experience in small and large companies. We know how to build and protect systems and infrastructure. 

If you want a second opinion or need someone to assist you with architecting a secure solution, let us know.


Founded by Peter Van Eeckhoutte, Corelan Team is a group of researchers and security professionals who enjoy sharing knowledge and helping other people in their spare time. Corelan GCV embraces knowledge sharing and tries to support the community by providing web hosting for all resources.

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